EXOTIC Vietnamese Food PART 2! SUPER RARE Street Food of Hanoi, Vietnam!

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Special thanks to Khánh Linh for taking me on this exotic food tour in Hanoi!
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1. ĐỘC QUÁN: Insects
ADDRESS: Số 26, Ngõ 254, Đường Bưởi, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
OPEN: 11AM – 12AM

?This exotic restaurant opened in 2011 and has been serving unique insects ever since. The owner is from Northwest Vietnam, and works with local suppliers living in the Northwest region. The delicacies we tried are seasonal; they serve bee larvae from September to October, stink bugs from January to February and bamboo worms from March to May. Fried stink bugs hold the title of best seller.

?PRICE: Bee Larvae: 12.21 USD/285,000 VND | Fried Stink Bug: 6.43 USD/150,000 VND | Bamboo Worm: 6.43 USD/150,000 VND

2. QUÁN KIẾN: Ant Egg Sticky Rice
ADDRESS: 100 Tuệ Tĩnh street, Hai Bà Trưng district, Hà Nội

The owner of Quán Kiến has relatives living in Laos, who supply Laos ant eggs (in March and April of each year) and gave him the idea to open a restaurant specializing in ants and other insects. He also offers Vietnamese ant eggs, which are smaller and firmer than those from Laos, and supplied from Northwest Vietnam.

?ANT EGG STICKY RICE: Sticky rice, fried shallot, Vietnamese ant egg, minced pork, overcooked rice, shallot, fish sauce, pepper, seasoning

?STIR-FRIED ANT EGGS: mix fish sauce, seasoning, pepper, lemongrass, chilli, shallot, Laos ant egg, wood ear mushroom and minced pork

?PRICE: Ant Egg Sticky Rice: 6.21 USD/145,000 VND | Stir-fried Ant Eggs and Crackers: 6.21 USD/145,000 VND | Buffalo Skin Salad: 4.93 USD/115,000 VND

3. LƯƠNG SƠN QUÁN: Freshwater Turtle Meat
ADDRESS: 173, Thái Hà street, Đống Đa district, Hà Nội
OPEN: 10AM – 11PM

Lương Sơn Quán opened in 2015 and quickly became one of Hanoi’s most unique restaurants. The decor of the restaurant was inspired by Chinese heros.

?FRIED TURTLE: First poach the turtle in turmeric water with turmeric powder, MSG, pepper, seasoning and fermented rice. Marinate the turtle meat with seasoning, MSG, pepper and frying powder. Fry the marinated turtle meat, adding fried garlic and shallots. Sprinkle in homemade salt powder. Top it off by garnishing with sliced betel leaf.

?TURTLE HOTPOT: First poach the turtle in turmeric water with turmeric powder, MSG, pepper, seasoning and fermented rice. Add MSG, fish sauce, seasoning, palm sugar, shrimp paste, frying oil, turmeric and fermented rice water. Next add in fried tofu, young banana, pork belly, betel leaves, fried garlic and shallots and chili. Serve with raw veggies, including coriander, perella, banana flower and vermicelli noodles.

?PRICE: 23.57 USD/550,000 VND per kg
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