Learn To Cook: How To Make Chocolate Souffle


A little bit light, a little bit fluffy and a whole lot of delicious, the souffle is one of dessert’s greatest accomplishments. This week learn how to make them in this tutorial. http://learntocook.com/dessert/how-to-make-chocolate-souffle/

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2 cups orange juice
8 eggs separated
4 oz. sugar
3 oz. all purpose flour
8 oz. bitter sweet chocolate, finely chopped
2 fl. oz. orange liquor
Melted butter
Sugar for garnish

1. Prepare 4 oz. ramekins by brushing with melted butter and dusting with granulated sugar.

2. In a mixing bowl whisk the eggs and 3 oz. sugar and then the flour. Warm the orange juice in a sauce pan and add the the egg yolk mixture.

3. Cook the mixture in the saucepan over low heat until thick, be careful to not boil the mixture.

4. Stir in the chocolate and cover with plastic wrap.

5. Whip the eggs whites with the remaining 1 oz. of sugar to a soft peak. Folds the whites into the base.

6. Fill the prepared ramekins 1″ inch from the rim.

7. Bake at 425 degrees for about 12 minutes , the soufflé should be well risen and the edges should look dry.

8. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve immediately.


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